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Behind every sleek user interface and smooth customer journey, lies a complex array of systems and tools that power a business. Our team specializes in bridging these behind-the-scenes gaps. In one example, we migrated a decade-old desktop product to the cloud to prepare the company for acquisition, overcoming complexities related to its age and lack of server-side capabilities. In another, we created an internal system that not only integrated various existing systems but also introduced automations to replace manual tasks. Similar to our work at Google, where we developed a stakeholder communication tool for iOS app performance, this project exemplifies our capacity to offer tailored solutions that improve business efficiency and stakeholder insight.

Deployment status page for a product launched globally

Deployment status page for a product launched globally.

Data and privacy analysis page for a global product

Data and privacy analysis page for a global product.

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Whether it's crafting tools for executive oversight or implementing AI to automate tedious tasks, we are committed to transforming business operations from the inside out. Our project at Google serves as a shining example of how we leverage technology to streamline operations, thereby adding layers of efficiency and insight that are often invisible but indispensable.

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