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Transforming a Startup into a PropTech Leader through Comprehensive App and Infrastructure Overhaul

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DropOffer chose us at a crucial juncture in their journey, entrusting us with the mission to develop their groundbreaking technology. Faced with the challenge of overhauling their iOS app and infrastructure after an unsuccessful launch with another agency, we embraced the opportunity to not just improve but to completely reimagine their platform.

DropOffer Property Detail Page

DropOffer's property detail view.

Our Role in Revolutionizing DropOffer

Our work with DropOffer was more than just redevelopment; it was a fundamental transformation of their digital presence. We focused on utilizing comprehensive property data to provide insightful information on all homes, a key aspect of DropOffer's service. Our approach was grounded in a privacy-centric system, ensuring that homeowner data was shared only when they opted in, respecting user privacy and trust.

Crucially, we developed a unique direct mail system within the app, allowing for effective and targeted communication between realtors and homeowners. This feature was tailored to bridge the gap in the market, providing a novel way for realtors to reach out to potential sellers in the off-market space.

Our Technical Expertise and Strategic Execution

The technical execution involved creating a robust, scalable app infrastructure that could adapt to the dynamic needs of the real estate market. We employed state-of-the-art technology to ensure the platform was not only user-friendly but also capable of handling complex data with ease. Our commitment extended to crafting a platform that was intuitive and engaging, encouraging user interaction while maintaining the highest standards of data privacy and security.

Sample DropOffer Postcard

Example postcard that's sent to a homeowner.

Different DropOffer layouts for mailers

Selecting different mailers and previews.

Putting together a DropOffer multiple offer

User interface for submitting multiple offers at once.

Example dashboard for DropOffer product health

Dashboard for monitoring key business metrics.


Today, DropOffer stands as a shining example of our ability to build, rescue, and rejuvenate complex software projects. Our work with DropOffer demonstrates our commitment to turning visionary concepts into reality, providing a solid foundation for startups to thrive in competitive landscapes. As a testament to our expertise in software development, DropOffer's success story is a beacon for potential clients, showcasing our capacity to execute ambitious projects with precision and foresight.

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